Indilinx (UltraDrive) Firmware 1916

2010/01/07 木 06:30

また1819からのChangeLogが公開になりました。たしかChangeLogに無いものとしては1819でIM 34nm対応、1881がTOSHIBA/IM NAND FLASH全対応だったよう(さらに戻ると取り下げられた1711が最初のチップサポートだったはず)でしたが、それらを前提としたLogになっていました。

Change Log:
‐ Feature Add: Garbage Collection enabled
‐ Feature Add : Firmware download through SCSI interface
‐ Bug Fix: Early performance drop issue in quite clean state. This problem is fixed with changing
weak dynamic wear leveling parameter
‐ Bug Fix: Occasional firmware download failure bug fixed (Due to FPDMA problem of
‐ Bug Fix: IRQ stack overflow bug fixed. Runtime bad block structure was too big. It caused
256GB block 0 to be corrupted.
‐ Bug Fix: With 1819 firmware, Wiper performance was slower than 1571 firmware revision.
‐ Bug Fix: Power cycle count was always 0 in 1819 firmware.
‐ Bug fix: Specific SATA Gen I host (ex. SB400) caused SATA hardware buffer ID error.
‐ Bug Fix: L63B (256 pages/block) wear leveling bug fixed.
‐ Bug Fix: Bug fix found during simulation. Free block count may become 0 after a lot of power
cycling. It was not witnessed in the real life.
‐ Bug Fix: SMART information – Remaining life was not 100% even right after firmware
‐ Bug Fix: Flush should not check IDNF.
‐ Other: Toshiba NAND has additional blocks over 4095th block. These blocks can be used.
‐ Other: For Intel/Micron 34nm NAND, NAND BIST is performed always. NAND BIST is flash cell

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